Landline connection with internet

50,20 € per month

Additional options

Caller identification
2 € per month
Answering machine
1 € per month

Unique costs

Set-up fee Iberiatel line
19 €
Connection fee ADSL
29 €

Important information

All the mentioned prices are per month plus IGIC/IVA

The minimum term is 12 months and it prolongues itself for a year if you don´t present a written cancellation. It must be in writing and 6 weeks before the agreement ends. If you present a premature termination, the remaining months will be taken over to the final account. The termination must be in written form by mail, fax or e-mail. You have to direct the cancellation to the following adress: IBERIATEL CANARIAS , S.L. - Urb. La Quinta - C/ Mocán, 1 - 38390 Santa Úrsula - S/C DE TENERIFE, FAX: 922 33 70 99, E-MAIL: info@iberiatel.com

Movistar ADSL with up to 10 Mbps
Movistar ADSL with up to 10 Mbps
Since then you bill be able to surf through the internet fast and without issues
Iberiatel landline
Iberiatel landline
Your landline connection at Iberiatel for national and international calls.
Flatrate tariffs from a landline to another landline
Flatrate tariffs from a landline to another landline
With Iberiatel you can call landlines of many European countries from only 1,6 cent per minute.
Flatrate tariffs from a landline to a mobile phone
Flatrate tariffs from a landline to a mobile phone
Instead of paying 20-25 cent per minute as it is usual with other suppliers, at Iberiatel you will pay from 10 cent per minute while calling mobile phones of many European countries.

Our offer for your landline connection with internet

Enjoy not only our exclusive low-cost prices while making national and international calls, but also our unique client service of Iberiatel.

We will always offer you personal attention when you contact us: no queues, no computers with a voice synthesizer. We offer you personal support by our professional Iberiatel service team.

The installation of your WiFi router and/or the landline will be directly at your home.

You don’t need to worry about anything.

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We are gladly available for you personally.

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